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January 2017

OCIA  Oklahoma Certified Installers Association  Septic  Aerobic Systems


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Thanks to all vendors and guest speakers for their
participation and support at our convention.
Congratulations to all installers who attended.

Convention pictures coming soon... 

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Many thanks to the vendors who support OCIA
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Do you install waste water management systems?

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The Oklahoma Certified Installers Association (OCIA) is dedicated to the preservation and protection of our state's waters including our rivers, streams, lakes and runoff.  Our goal is to assure proper installation, operation and maintenance of onsite systems throughout the state.  Onsite systems include all systems associated with septic tanks, aerobic units, latteral lines, lagoons, ET-A and wetlands.  Through continued education and training, we are committed to the upgrading of our profession and providing our customers with an environmentally sound onsite system.


Are you a certified installer in the state of Oklahoma?  Stay on top of your trade.  Speak up and be heard.  Become a member of OCIA and attend our educational conventions and network with other installers and suppliers within the onsite industry.


Corporate Membership
The Oklahoma Certified Installer's Association (OCIA) has worked for over a decade to increase the professionalism, the work ethic and respect for Oklahoma's on-site system installers.  We've helped develop more reasonable regulations while better protecting our environment and precious water resources.  read more...

OCIA's Corporate Members

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OCIA - Oklahoma Certified Installers Association